The key to a fulfilled life is keeping a sound mind. Well that starts today as you endulge in excellent sandwiches and delicious pancakes with very low carbs! Receive your freshly baked Keto box every month by signing up for a monthly subscription. Join today and receive a discount each month for 6 months. 

Personalize your box to include:

  • Keto loaf of grain bread or egg bread
  • keto pizza crust
  • keto baking mix 20 oz
  • box of keto herb and garlic crackers 16 oz
  • bag of keto tortilla chips 16 oz
  • dozen keto peanut butter cookies or vanilla shortbread cookies
  • keto chocolate truffles or keto pecan brittle or keto sweet and salty trail mix. 16 oz

Keto bread and snack box!

Keto Bread Loaf type
Keto Cookies
Keto sweet snacks
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$27.99monthly/ 6 months


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