Each box includes 10oz-16 oz bags of Keto fried raddish chips (2g net carbs per serving), Keto tortilla chips (1g net carbs per serving), Keto garlic and herb crackers (2g net carb per serving), Keto granola (3g net carbs per serving), and a variety box o 6 mini Keto peanut butter cookies (2g net carbs per cookie), 6 mini Keto vanilla shortbread cookies (2 g net carbs per cookie), and 2 large Keto chocolate salted toffee nut cups (15 g net carbs per nut cup).
Please allow 3-5 business days for processing before shipment or delivery.
All treats are baked at Flanner House Commercial Kitchen at 2424 Doctor M.L.K. Jr. St. Indianapolis, IN 46208.

Keto crunchy snack and sweet box

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